Let’s face it, we have now all heard it in a single kind or one other, “can drinking water help you lose weight” “water for weight loss” “lose weight by drinking water” – however how precisely may that probably work? I used to think about a “water diet” as one which entails you consuming nothing however water, which made sense due to course you’d drop a few pounds. How may you not when water is zero energy? But how do you take care of the deep starvation pains and abdomen grumbles all through the day? Having spent a number of weeks researching the best water diets, I’ve discovered that my preliminary pre-conceptions couldn’t have been any farther from the reality.

An efficient water weight loss program primarily implies that you add extra water to your weight loss program.

Even although this sounds extremely easy, doing it will:

i) enhance your metabolism

ii) assist your physique cleanse itself of waste

iii) suppress your urge for food that means that you simply eat much less meals in the long term and

iv) cease your physique from retaining water, which will even aid you drop these further kilos

In this complete A-Z information you’ll study:

  1. The science behind utilizing water for weight-loss and why it’s so efficient
  2. Quick life hacks to get extra water into your weight loss program
  3. How to implement the best water weight loss program


The Water Diet

1. The Science Behind Drinking Water and Weight Loss

Study Shows Drinking Water Will Help You Lose More Weight

If you assume that the hype round utilizing water as a method to drop a few pounds has no substance, assume once more. A brand new analysis research reveals that consuming 16 ounces of water 30 minutes earlier than a meal will result in extra weight reduction. These are the outcomes printed in a research printed in a journal known as Obesity, wherein a lot of individuals combating weight reduction have been instructed to drink water earlier than consuming in an effort to see if doing this alone would assist them shed kilos. The writer of the research, Dr Amanda Daley from the University of Birmingham within the UK says, “If you look at any sort of weight management program, they all say drinking lots of water is a really good thing…. We said, let’s go see what the actual evidence is for this.”

After trying to find proof that water can certainly assist with weight reduction however discovering little or no within the educational literature, Daley and her colleagues determined to hold out a research themselves to show as soon as and for all of the effectiveness of utilizing this strategy. The group introduced 84 adults struggling with weight problems collectively for a twelve-week experiment.

The Study

The individuals of the experiment have been divided into 2 teams, the primary group was instructed to drink 500 ml of water (which is about 16oz) and to do that 30 minutes earlier than every meal, whereas the opposite group was instructed to easily visualise their abdomen being full earlier than every meal.

The researchers fastidiously monitored every particular person’s weight firstly, center and finish of the research. They took common urine samples to verify the group who have been speculated to drink water earlier than every meal was truly following the directions to take action. Finally, they saved observe of their bodily exercise to verify this remained unchanged and subsequently additionally make sure the integrity of the research.

The Results

The group that drank 500ml or 16 ozof water earlier than every meal reported to have misplaced round three kilos greater than the opposite group over the 12-week interval. What is extra attention-grabbing is that the extra they drank, the higher the outcomes have been. For instance, the individuals that drank the complete 16 ozbefore every meal misplaced round 9 kilos (or four.three kg).

9 kilos is about what you may count on to lose from going to Weight Watchers for 12 weeks however keep in mind that you simply haven’t needed to spend any extra on an costly weight loss program or make any substantial modifications to your life-style.

Why Was It Effective?

Enthused by the outcomes of the research, Dr Daley means that utilizing water on this means is so efficient as a result of clearly water “fills you up” however may additionally assist form your choices about what you truly find yourself consuming.

Although she admits that this research is solely a primary step in displaying the effectiveness of this weight reduction approach she concludes that consuming water earlier than meals may also help most individuals with managing their weight regardless of their BMI standing. If you’re slim and completely satisfied together with your weight, then you might make use of this as a “prevention strategy”.

In any case, the underside line is that it is best to at all times bear in mind to chug down a couple of glasses of water earlier than meals, doing this might imply that you find yourself consuming a lot much less and cut back your calorie consumption with out even making an attempt.

Water for Weight Loss

2. Quick Life Hacks to Drinking More Water

After studying in regards to the research above, I’m positive you’re determined to get extra water in your weight loss program so I’ve put collectively a couple of fast and straightforward to implement life hacks that will help you do that.

Hack 1: Drinking Water Prior to Eating

After the research described within the earlier part, consuming earlier than you eat ought to appear to be an apparent fast hack however in the event you wanted any extra convincing then contemplate a report by one of many largest on-line well being useful resource web sites, WebMD. One of the articles on the positioning quotes totally different consultants and offers proof to point out that consuming water previous to a meal will lead to you consuming 75 lesser energy for every meal. This won’t sound like quite a bit however doing this over the interval of a 12 months may lead to 27,000 lesser energy – all from doing one thing as painless as consuming further water.

Hack 2: Replace Beverages with Water

If you are attempting to drop a few pounds, likelihood is you’ve already stopped consuming fizzy drinks or at the very least making an attempt to significantly cut back your consumption. However, water can generally be so boring and severe sugar addicts may undergo with an unbeatable hit of intense cravings. If this sounds such as you, listed here are 2 choices to assist fight this:

  1. Add some fruits to your water to sweeten it up. Popular choices are to chop a portion of lemon however you might additionally experiment with issues like strawberries, oranges and even cucumbers
  2. If you really want a stronger hit of sugar, then use some sugar free squash and add it to glowing water. It will style nearly as good as any tender drink available on the market however with a fraction of the energy

Water with Lemon

Hack three: Drink Water When It’s Ice Cold

Drink water when it is vitally chilly. Why? Consuming chilled water assists with boosting your metabolism because of the truth that your physique has to perform tougher to heat up the water when it enters your physique. According to the editorial group at WebMD, the results of that is that your physique burns extra energy because it tries to reasonable your physique’s temperature. Doing this over time is one other simple method to drop a few pounds.

Hack four: Always Get Enough

The outdated adage was that you simply wanted to drink at the very least eight glasses of water a day however consultants are actually coming to the consensus that the amount of water you require will rely in your weight, measurement and stage of bodily exercise.

Here is a fundamental breakdown of what your each day water consumption may seem like in the event you base it purely in your weight and nothing else.


Pounds (lbs)

Kilograms (kg)

Daily Water Intake Ounces (Oz) Daily Water Intake Millilitres (ml) Daily Water Intake Litres (L)
100 lbs (45.three kg) 67 oz 1981 ml 1.981 L
110 lbs (49.eight kg) 74 oz 2188 ml 2.188 L
120 lbs (54.four kg) 80 oz 2366 ml 2.366 L
130 lbs (58.9 kg) 87 oz 2573 ml 2.573 L
140 lbs (63.5 kg) 94 oz 2780 ml 2.780 L
150 lbs (68.zero kg) 100 oz 2957 ml 2.957 L
160 lbs (72.5 kg) 107 oz 3164 ml three.164 L
170 lbs (77.1 kg) 114 oz 3371 ml three.371 L
180 lbs (81.6 kg) 121 oz 3578 ml three.578 L
190 lbs (86.1 kg) 127 oz 3755 ml three.755 L
200 lbs (90.7 kg) 134 oz 3963 ml three.963 L
210 lbs (95.2 kg) 141 oz 4170 ml four.170 L
220 lbs (99.7kg) 148 oz 4377 ml four.377 L
230 lbs (104.three kg) 154 oz 4554 ml four.554 L
240 lbs (108.8kg) 161 oz 4761 ml four.761 L
250 lbs (113.three kg) 168 oz 4968 ml four.968 L

Please be aware that the desk above is barely a tough information that’s positioned right here as a reference.

Remember that you could be be required to eat extra water if you find yourself bodily exerting your self or in a extremely popular local weather and a few diets (just like the one offered within the research by Dr Daley) might encourage you to drink extra as a part of a nutritious diet and life-style. If you’re in any doubt, search the recommendation of a certified well being skilled earlier than making huge modifications to your each day water consumption.

three. The Most Effective Way to Do the Water Diet

What Is the Water Diet?

The water weight loss program is a weight loss program plan that entails you consuming 2 litres of water a day.

This is to not be confused with different water diets just like the ginger tea weight loss program, which is primarily designed to boost your core physique temperature to stimulate weight reduction. In the water weight loss program, all you must do is drink plain, easy water with out including the rest.

Drinking loads of water has been proven to be efficient at stimulating weight reduction and has different well being advantages for example, bettering blood circulation. However, in the event you mix the water weight loss program with a meals weight loss program, common train and wholesome consuming habits (e.g. not consuming late at evening) then you’re prone to slim down in a more healthy means.

The following sections will introduce you to a water weight loss program plan that’s primarily based on among the simplest water weight-reduction plan strategies.

Effective Weight Loss Through the Water Diet

You can be completely satisfied to know that there’s just one rule to comply with within the water weight loss program plan: drink 2 litres or as much as four% of your physique weight in water every day. However, no matter you do, be sure you not drink all of the water in a single sitting, the concept is that you simply drink it all through the entire day.

When is The Best Time to Drink Water During the Water Diet?

The greatest occasions to drink water are:

  1. After waking up, ideally with a slice of lemon
  2. 30 minutes earlier than every meal (drink as much as 500ml or 16 ounces)

Also, bear in mind to step by step work in methods to extend your each day water consumption exterior of those occasions.

Why Does the Water Diet Work?

The water weight loss program works as a result of initially, water is nice for you. Your physique is at the very least 55% water and we want a adequate quantity of water to perform. This article to this point has outlined easy ways in which water can suppress your meals consumption and make you are feeling fuller earlier than you’ve even eaten.
Aside from the chances in weight reduction, water additionally has many aspect advantages like boosting your metabolism, lubricating joints and it really works as a pure detox.

The cells and organs in your physique want water as they’re utilizing it on a regular basis and giving your physique correct hydration is alleged to be a great way to present your basal metabolism charge a lift. It improves your blood circulation and encourages a wholesome lymph stream that’s essential to get one of the best detox impact. Having a quicker metabolism will even imply that you’re often cleaning your physique, which makes it tougher to realize weight.

In addition to this, you can see that the water weight loss program will assist treatment on a regular basis points like constipation.
The better part is that water is zero energy so that you by no means have to fret about having to burn off extra power and for essentially the most half water is free.

Final Thoughts

The water weight loss program doesn’t sound just like the sort of factor that might be efficient particularly with all of the spurious Internet hype. But I’ve spent many weeks taking a look at all of the analysis and may affirm that the proof is rock strong: including extra water to your weight loss program will aid you shed kilos with little or no effort and at nearly no further price.

The key sensible takeaways from this text is twofold:

  1. Drink extra water all through the day ideally round 2 litres or round four% of your body weight
  2. Drink water 30 minutes earlier than every meal


However, don’t drink an excessive amount of water in a single sitting. Being overhydrated may very well be as dangerous as being dehydrated, in excessive circumstances consuming an excessive amount of water in a short time may result in disastrous well being results and I’ve lined this matter extensively on this article.

Credit: This article is written by MrWaterGeek.com

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