Get a style of the Middle East with this conventional shakshuka recipe impressed by Israeli market fare and Yemenite taste.

After school, I set off for a 10-day journey to Israel that became a six-year stint of residing in Kerem HaTeimanim (the Yeminite Quarter) of Tel Aviv. I’m undecided what was higher: residing simply a few blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea or being even nearer to Shuk HaCarmel, the town’s most celebrated market.

I used to be extremely fortunate to have so many choices for recent, scrumptious, and wholesome meals at my fingertips. My favourite delicacy of all of them? Shakshuka!

What is shakshuka?

Simply put, shakshuka is a tomato dish with eggs. Different cultures—together with these from North Africa, Yemen, and the Ottoman Empire—stake a declare to shakshuka’s origins. For that cause, it’s onerous to pin down a so-called genuine shakshuka recipe, however this one’s fairly customary.

In any case, shakshuka is among the hottest breakfast dishes in Israel and is beloved in lots of different corners of the world.

About This Recipe


Cumin and paprika are important shakshuka spices. I additionally embody cayenne for additional warmth, and sometimes add a sprint of turmeric for anti-inflammatory advantages. Finally, a pinch of sugar works wonders to assist curb the acidity from the tomatoes.

Yeminite zhoug from Trader Joe's - great spicy addition to shakshuka


This one’s a doozy to say in a non-native tongue (suh + guttural ch + oog, however in a single syllable) and simply as difficult to transliterate exactly to English. At any charge, I’m following the lead of Trader Joe’s, which makes a tasty model of what they name a “spicy, spicy green condiment.”

This scrumptious inexperienced scorching sauce hails from Yemen, and consists of a cilantro, jalapeño, and chili base. As the TJ’s packaging implicitly warns, eat it at your personal danger. However, it’s a should when you love spicy meals and are aiming for the perfect shakshuka recipe in your palate.


Tahini is a paste constructed from floor, toasted sesame seeds. It’s a vital staple in any Israeli kitchen, and can be well-liked in lots of different Middle Eastern cuisines.

In addition to being flavorful, tahini boasts many dietary advantages. This anti-inflammatory dip is wealthy in wholesome fat and plant-based protein, and can be a respectable supply of fiber and omega fatty acids. Further, a tablespoon or two will assist you attain towards your RDA of phosphorous, iron, and calcium.

Lastly, tahini can come in useful to assist curb spiciness. I water my tahini paste down then add lemon juice, cumin salt, and pepper.Ingredients for a traditional shakshuka recipe including onion, tomato, parsley, eggs, bread, and tahini paste

What to Serve with Shakshuka

The most typical method to eat shakshuka is by scooping it up with bread. Choose a pita to remain with the Middle Eastern theme. Otherwise, any bread will do. Personally, I take pleasure in my conventional shakshuka recipe greatest with ciabatta or different flaky breads. When I intention to be extra health-conscious, I’ll swap bread for high-fiber crackers (akin to GG Bran Crispbread).

You also can spherical out a full meal with a gentle salad. A basic Israeli salad consists of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, then drizzled with lemon and a contact of olive oil.

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